84 Malvern Way, Hastings, TN34 3PX
Hastings Fried Chicken and Pizza

Chicken Package£3.99Add +2 or 3 pcs Chicken, Reg Fries, Reg Side & Drink
Variety Box£4.19Add +2 or 3 pcs Chicken, 2 Spicy Wings, Reg Fries & Drink
Chicken Strip Meal£2.99Add +3 or 5 pcs Strips, Reg Fries & Drink
Hot Wings or Nuggets Meal£3.09Add +4 or 6 pcs Hot Wings/ Nuggets, Reg Fries & Drink
Chicken & Strip Meal£4.49Add +1 or 2 pcs Chicken, 3 pcs Strips, Reg Side, Reg Fried, Drink
Strip & Mini Burger Meal£3.79Add +2 pcs Strips, 1 Mini Chicken Fillet Burger, Fries & Drik
Chicken Wrap Meal£4.49Add +Chicken Wrap (Original or Spicy), Reg Fries & Drink
Strips Burger Meal£3.79Add +Strip Burger (Original or Spicy), Reg Fries & Drink
Fillet Burger Meal£3.99Add +Fillet Burger (Original or Spicy), Reg Fries & Drink
Master Burger Meal£4.49Add +Master Fillet Burger (Original or Spicy) with Cheese and Hash Brown, Reg Fries & Drink
Chicken Tower Burger£4.89Add +1 Tower Burger (with Fillet + 2 Strips + Hash Brown + Cheese), Fries & Drink
HFC Combo Burger£5.29Add +1 Burger (with pounder + Fillet +Hash Brown +2 Cheese+Lettuce+Tomato+Onion), Fries & Drink
Pounder Meal£3.79Add +1/4 or 1/2 Pounder (With Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion), Reg Fries & Drink
Chicken Popcorn Meal£4.29Add +Chicken Popcorn, Fries & Drink
Couple Bucket Meal£10.49Add +6 or 8 pcs Chicken, 2 Reg Fries, 2 Reg Sides, 2 Drinks
Family Bucket Meal£14.49Add +10 or 12 pcs Chicken, 4 Fries, 2 Lrg Sides, Bottle of Drink - 2L, Add on 8 Spicy Wing for £2.
Boneless Meal£11.99Add +8 pcs Strips, 2 Reg Popcorn, 2 fries, 2 Sides, 2 Drinks
HFC Family Meal£15.99Add +4 pcs Chicken, 2 Fillet Burger, 2 Ham Burger, 2 Reg Fries, 2 Lrg Sides, Drink 2L
Family Boneless Meal£20.99Add +8 or 15 Pieces Chicken Strips, 8 Nuggets, 2 Strips Burgers, 1 Lrg Popcorn, 4 Fries, 2 Lrg Sides, 1 Bottle Drink -2L
Chicken & Strip Combo Bucket£15.99Add +6 or 10 Pieces Chicken, 8 Chicken Strips, 2 Lrg Side, 4 Fries, 1 Bottle Drink-2L, Add on Spicy Wings for £2.
HFC Party Meal£22.99Add +8 pcs Chicken, 8 Spicy Wings or Strips or Nuggets, 2 Fillet burgers, 2 Ham Burgers, 4 Reg. Fries, 2 Lrg Side, Drink 2 L
Ribs Meal£6.99Add +4 pcs BBQ Ribs, Reg Fries & Drink
Chicken & Rib Meal£4.49Add +1 pc BBQ Chicken, 2 BBQ Ribs, 1 Reg Fries, 1 Drinks
BBQ Chicken Double£6.29Add +2 pcs BBQ Chicken, 6 BBQ Spicy Wings, 2 reg Fries, 2 Drinks
Cod & Chips£4.49Add +1 Cod Fish, Chips or Fries
Saveloy & Chips£3.49Add +2 Saveloy, Chips or Fries
Burger Meal£14.00Add +4 Burgers of your choice, 4 Fries, 2L Bottle Drink
HFC Pizza Meals
HFC Single Deal£7.99Add +1 Premium Pizza, 1 Side (10 Onion Rings/ 4 Spring Rolls/ 4 Samosa/ 4 Hot wings/ 4 Strips/ Wedges), 1 Can Drink
Pizza Mega Deal£17.99Add +2 Premium Pizza, 4 Side(10 Onion Rings/ 4 Spring Rolls/ 4 Samosa/ 4 Hot wings/ 4 Strips/ Wedges/ 2 Pcs Chicken), 1 Bottle of Drink
HFC Double Up Deal£8.49Add +2 Premium Pizzas of Your Choice
4 pcs Garlic Bread£1.99Add +Mango Chutney / Sweet Chilli Dips Included
4 Regular Chicken Samosa£2.49Add +Mango Chutney / Sweet Chilli Dips Included
4 Regular Veg Samosa£2.49Add +Mango chutney / Sweet Chilli Dips Included
4 Spring Rolls£2.25Add +Mango Chutney / Sweet Chilli Dips Included
1 Portion Wedges£2.25Add +Mango Chutney / Sweet Chilli Dips Included
10 Pcs Onion Rings£2.25Add +Mango Chutney / Sweet Chilli Dips Included
Margherita£4.99Add +Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Italian Spices
Vegetarian V£5.99Add +Mushroom, Tomato, Onion, Green Pepper & Sweet Corn
Vegetarian Hot V (Spicy)£5.99Add +Mushroom, Onion, Green Pepper, Jalapeno, Tomato & Sweet Corn
Classic£5.99Add +Bacon, Mushroom and Fresh Tomato
Hawaiian£5.99Add +Ham, Mushroom and Pineapple
Ham Plus£5.99Add +Double Ham, Mushroom & Fresh Tomato
Chicken Tikka (Spicy)£5.99Add +Hot and Spicy! Chicken Tikka, Onions, Tomatoes, Jalapeno
Rib Rack£5.99Add +Deboned Pork in BBQ Basting, Onions, Pineapple and Tomato
Rib and Chicken£5.99Add +Deboned Pork & Chicken in BBQ Basting, Tomato & Mushroom
Tasty Beef£5.99Add +Beef, Onion, Tomato & Mushroom
Chinese Special£5.99Add +Chinese flavoured chicken, mushroom & sweet corn
Hot American (Spicy)£5.99Add +Pepperoni, Onion, Green chilly & Red Pepper
Tandoori Chicken (Spicy)£5.99Add +Tandoori chicken, Mushroom, Green Chilli & Fresh Tomato
Pepperoni Special£5.99Add +Double Pepperoni, Mushroom & onion
BBQ Special£5.99Add +Chicken, Green Pepper, Onion, tomato & BBQ Sauce
Meaty Plus£6.99Add +Ham, Beef, Pepperoni & Spicy Pork, Onion & Green Pepper
HFC Hot Special (Spicy)£6.99Add +Green Pepper, Jalapeno, Mushroom, Onion, Ham , Beef & Pepperoni
Chicken Delux Mix£6.99Add +Chinese Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Plain Chicken, Onion & Mushroom
Your Choice£6.99Add +Create your own Pizza using cheese & tomato as a base. Then choose any four toppings of your choice.
HFC Kids Meal
Kids Strips Meal£2.59Add +2 Chicken Strips, Fries, Fruit Shoot +free lollipop
Kids Sausages Meal£2.59Add +2 Sausages, Fries, Fruit Shoot +free lollipop
Kiids Strip Burger Meal£2.59Add +Strip Burger, Fries, Fruit Shoot +free lollipop
Kids Popcorn Meeal£2.59Add +Small Popcorn, Fries, Fruit Shoot +free lollipop
Kids Ham Burger Meal£2.59Add +Ham Burger, Fries, Fruit Shoot +free lollipop
Kids Nuggets Meals£2.59Add +Nuggets, Fries, Fruit Shoot +free lollipop
Kids Mini Wrap Meal£2.59Add +Mini Chicken Wrap, Fries, Fruit shoot +free lollipop
Kids Chicken Meal£2.59Add +1 pcs Chicken, Fries & Fruit Shoot+Lolipop
Chicken Pieces
Chicken£1.29Add +
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets£1.29Add +
Chicken Strips
Chicken Strips£0.70Add +
Spicy Wings
Spicy Wings£0.60Add +
Chicken Popcorn
Chicken Popcorn£1.69Add +
BBQ Ribs
BBQ Ribs£4.49Add +
Master Burger£2.99Add +
Fillet Burger£2.59Add +
Strips Burger£2.49Add +
Ham Burger£1.59Add +
1/4 Pounder£2.69Add +
1/2 Pounder£3.69Add +
Fish Burger£2.29Add +
Veg Burger£2.29Add +
Chicken Tower Burger£3.49Add +
HFC Combo Burger£3.99Add +
Regular Chicken Wrap£2.99Add +
Mini Chicken Wrap£1.69Add +
Fries£1.00Add +
Coleslaw£0.90Add +
BBQ Beans£0.90Add +
Chicken Gravy£0.90Add +
Curry Sauce£0.90Add +
Corn on the Cob£1.00Add +
Apple Pie£0.99Add +
Hash Brown£0.60Add +
Doughnut£0.69Add +
Dips£0.25Add +
Fruit Shoot£0.75Add +
Bottle 2 Litter£2.49Add +
Can£0.79Add +
2L Pepsi£2.49Add +
Ice Creams & Desserts
Ice Cream£4.79Add +
Strawberry Gateau£3.79Add +
Chocolate Gateau£3.79Add +
Garden Salad£2.59Add +Bowl full of Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber , Cherry Tomatos and Sweetcorn
Chicken salad£2.99Add +Bowl full of Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber , Cherry Tomatos, Sweetcorn and Crispy Chicken.
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